3CMSM goes on seminar


Our little 3CMSM group started classes about two months before the Leadership Seminar. So at the start of the Seminar we didn’t expect to get to know each other much better than we already did, but this could not have been further from the truth. Let me take you through our two days spent together in Wemeldinge…

Having done our shopping (a very ambitious amount of food for 11 people), we met up early on a Wednesday morning and settled into the bus, with a very surprised bus driver who was expecting about 40 people. After some naps and games, we arrived in Wemeldinge where we were, while unloading the bus, surprised by a big rain storm. So far so good.

Wemeldinge Dyke view

After a little intro session and an outdoor game, we found out our DISC test results. Having worked together on several group projects together, we already kind of had a feel for each other’s team behaviours. But the DISC was a real eye opener because we understood now why some classmates work the way they do. We realised that everyone has different expectations and team working strengths, so this session taught us how to optimise our group projects in the future.

Hungry from our morning session, we quickly prepared our lunch: homemade pumpkin soup and baguettes! After lunch, it was time for a brisk walk in the sun while discussing two-by-two some moments in our lives in which we felt a strong sense of purpose. Once back inside, some of us shared these moments in the group, which lead us to our next task: work on My Story. We then delved a little deeper and reflected on defining moments in our lives.

The day’s session ended with all of us sharing our 2-minute stories which included our expectations of the year and our contributions to the 3CMSM group. One word was often mentioned was “friendship”. Although it might sound cheesy, I think all of us want to and expect to build strong friendships over the course of this year, and being such a small class I really think this is a positive inevitability!

Mexican dinner

We continued to share our stories over wine and snacks, before starting to cook up a true Mexican fiesta. A joint team effort in the kitchen produced a truly delicious Mexican meal, which we enjoyed at the cosy candle-lit dinner table where burrito-folding tricks were shared. After dinner, it was time to relax and unwind over some drinks, sweets and games.

Day 2 started more active, with a successful jumping picture right after breakfast and a walk where we talked about good and bad teamwork experiences. I already noticed how much closer we’d gotten since we didn’t manage to actually stick to our teams of two… we somehow merged together after a while. Already inseparable!

Final assignmentThe day continued with a mix of outdoor games and indoor reflection exercises. The more we struggled with the exercises, the more we learned from them and from each other. By the end of the day, we had figured out the dynamics of our 3CMSM class, and how we could improve all together. I don’t think us any of us expected to grow this much as a group, in so little time. We left Wemeldinge with pockets full of new self-knowledge and a better understanding of each other. Ready to take on new projects and adventures in Antwerp, Fortaleza and New York!

This post was written by Athena de Belder