The main thing the Dean teaches his students are the three most important values of the AMS: self-awareness, global perspective and societal consciousness. Belgium’s finest management school sets itself apart by not only offering expertise in numerous fields like supply chain management, finance, innovation, entrepreneurship and many more. The AMS additionally stimulates cultural awareness and social responsibility among all students and employees.

Prof. Dr. Paul Matthyssens - Dean Antwerp Management School


At the end of September the students of the Master of Finance program also got a visit from Prof. Dr. Paul Matthyssens in their classroom. When the Dean came in, he kindly asked us whether we liked AMS’ unique architectural building when we walked into school that morning. This rather kind question quickly ended up in an awkward moment of silence. Our program actually started the 31st of August, two weeks before the Dean came in to welcome us. In those two weeks we had an interesting summer course which helped us to freshen up the basics of finance and statistics. The moment our beloved Dean realized that we had already been drinking plenty of coffee at the Foyer, painted a big smile on everybody’s faces, including on mr. Matthyssens’.

All in all we felt eminently welcome and well assured that with the right mindset and strong commitment we can survive this challenging year and be one step closer to a much promising career.

Siska Abeele
Isabelle Bonte
Mario Domogma
Jonas Jacobs

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Jonas Jacobs
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