While apparently Mother Nature is confusing Fall with Spring (25 degrees on the 15th of October Say Whut?!) I am reminiscing about last week’s Trivia Night. After the International Dinner, this was the second ‘cross-program’ activity organized by the Student Council. Some of you might be thinking ‘cross-program’? Trivia Night? Student Council? Who is this girl and what is she talking about? Well, let me introduce and explain myself.

I am a Master student at the Antwerp Management School and I am currently following the Master in Global Management. Besides this program, there are seven other Master-programs. If you are still with me, this means that there are eight different classes in total. Together we form a bunch of people who call themselves ‘Full-Time-Master-Students’ (FTMS). Besides the FTMS a whole bunch of other people randomly follow courses at AMS (and get served delicious food). These are the ‘professionals’ that follow an MBA or other program offered by AMS.

Okay coming back to the Trivia-Night now, as I said, this is the second ‘cross-program’ activity organized by the Student Council. Since we are month two and by now kind of form a little family with our classmates already, it is always nice to meet people from the other master-programs and exchange experiences with them. Luckily, we have our Student Council that takes good care of this. Each class elected two or three class representatives who together form the Student Council.

I must admit, I am not the best Quizzer in the world (okay I suck, our team ended on the last place) but the most important is that we had a great night. Each team consisted of students of different programs and different countries. It was beautiful to see how every person is good in his own field and has different knowledge based on background, nationality, interests, etc. but if you bundle all of this, you are much more knowledgeable. So, if there is one thing AMS taught me by now, even on this informal event, it is that together you stand so much stronger. As the Trivia-Night came to an end, with an exciting final and a well-deserved winning-team, some of us weren’t ready to end the night just yet. Luckily our school is located in the heart of Antwerp so that there are plenty of possibilities to go to. And so, Barracuda was the place to be and for some the night was still young…