To infinity and beyond


Forget everything about Real Madrid and Paris-Saint-Germain. While the teams of the French and Spanish capitals fought each other yesterday evening in the Champions League, the eyes of the AMS student body were directed on a more important battle: the game between Presi & Friends and F.C. Baksteen.

Presi & Friends, the indoor football team of the MIM-class, brought home its second victory of the season. Pushed forward by experienced football players Bjorn De Vleesschauwer and Massimo Illegems, the team was able to mark 7 goals and only cash in 4. Goal getters of the evening were Alexander Suykens, 4 goals, and Alexander Tolpe, 3 goals.

Called after the AMS student council president, Michiel De Visschere, the team yesterday lined up for its second match in the Antwerp Students League (ASL). These first two games, Presi and friends have shown technical resilience, physical strength and straightforward team play.

Are Presi & Friends able to win the following games and survive the group stage? Some players show strong belief. On social media, they already quoted the infamous words of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear: “to infinity and beyond.”