The language of food


Wednesday, November 9th was by far the tastiest night of the semester: The International Dinner. The day that all AMS students could finally show off their cooking skills and try each other’s national signature dishes had finally come. With more than 20 different dishes coming from 13 different nationalities, it promised to be a very flavoursome evening.

I once read a quote which said, “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” This is quite accurate for the AMS Master students since everyone had been working very hard on group assignments, exams and stressful deadlines in the last few weeks. It was high time for a little break and recharge with a cold Belgian beer in one hand and a spicy Indian curry in the other.


The foyer had been transformed into a real Smörgåsbord of different people and cuisines. The Belgians were well represented with different food stands: waffles, Belgian beers, fries, meatloaf with cherries, beef stew with homemade apple sauce and of course chocolate mousse. The Americans had turned one corner of the foyer into a real pancake and mac & cheese party. The prize for best set-up went to the Moroccan stand, where you could enjoy a delicious chicken tagine on a cosy couch. The Indian team won ‘best cook’ with their spicy curries! For dessert, there was Italian Tiramisu, Brazilian brigadeiro, Pakistani Gulab Jamun, French crêpes… There was more than I could possibly list! (and try)


You could really taste the effort and pride in each and every one of these dishes. It showed that AMS students don’t take any shortcuts, they put in maximum effort into everything they do. Even when the music was turned on, there was no time for subtlety. The Indian team initiated a real dance-off in which even Martin participated!

Overall, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was a very successful evening. Mainly thanks to the Student Council but also thanks to all the students who worked so hard on making the yummiest food for all AMS students. Food is one of the things which brings people from all over the world together, which is why it’s so fitting to organise an International Dinner at AMS. Because no matter where you’re from, the language of food can by understood by anyone.

– Athena De Belder

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