Plea for enjoyment


Friday December 9, 3PM, the winter sun is shining. I find myself sitting in our beloved meeting point, the foyer, which is filled with leisurely buzz. I’m facing the enormous Christmas tree that magically appeared this morning.

For some reason I feel the urge to write a very cheesy, sentimental blogpost. Not sure if this results from the combination of the hot chocolate that I’m drinking and the glittering Christmas lights that I’m staring at. It might have also something to do with the fact that I just finished reading an article on the importance of emotional intelligence for leadership whilst listening to Ben Howard songs. Anyway. Here follows a story about our AMS journey and a plea to enjoy every single minute of it.

Here we go, you can’t say I didn’t warn you about the cheesiness.

Christmas is right around the corner. I can’t get my head around it. Already? How is that even possible? I remember my first day at AMS as if it were yesterday. Where did the semester go?

We started off as complete strangers. Do you remember the first people you spoke to here? When did you became friends with your ‘AMS besties’? Was it the one group work that just triggered your friendship? Was it the giggly chat at the coffee machine?

What has been your favourite experience so far? The residential seminar? The movie night with your class mates? The extremely interesting company visit you did? Student council’s Oktoberfest or Halloween party? Or was it the international dinner (which basically also formed an introduction to Indian dance moves)? Quite hard to make a choice, right?

What has been the most inspiring, instructive experience or challenge for you this semester? The content of the courses in general? That enormously important presentation you absolutely nailed? That intense, extensive group work you handed in just in time? The difficulties you conquered or overcame within your group? That one crazy difficult paper you finished? A mock interview that went very well? The fact that you somehow manage to combine all of the above?

You’re probably wondering why I’m shooting all this questions at you. “Dude, what’s her point?”. I’ll tell you what my point is. I want you to realize how much we’ve already been through this semester. I want you to be aware of what you’ve already achieved and how much work you’ve done. Take a moment to think about your personal little victories. We’re going places, I’ll tell you that! So please, feel free to tap yourself on the shoulder once in a while.

However, the fact that Christmas is so close also means that we’re pretty much halfway our year at AMS. Damn. Our current AMS experience is something so temporary, which makes it only more precious. Soon the 3CSM class will leave for New York and CEB will fly to Shanghai. After graduation, we all go our own way. Are your eyes watering yet?

Therefore I have a message for you all, my fellow full-time master students. ENJOY! Treasure every moment with your international friends and all the experiences you go through together. Time goes by faster than you think. I’d like to encourage you to cherish your AMS-experience as much as possible. Carpe that AMS-diem!

Guess I’ll round off now, that was too much cheesiness already.

Good luck with your exams and enjoy Christmas break!

– Octavia –