Oh Oh Angers


I have been in Angers for more than half a month now and thanks to the introduction of welcome team and my experiences so far I already know a little about this little city.

After my arrival, I soon explored some major sights that Anger has to offer. I first visited the Château d’Angers, it is built on a schist promontory, dominates the river Maine and the old town. Its site has been occupied since antiquity. The castle was built between 1230 and 1240 by Louis IX of France. Second, I visited the Maison d’Adam (“Adam’s House”), located behind the cathedral. It is an excellent example of the half-timbered houses built during the middle ages.

Although not visited yet, I noticed the impressive Saint-Maurice cathedral. With its two spires culminating at 75 meters (246 ft) it is a major landmark in the cityscape. The construction of the current building started during the 12th century on the remains of an older sanctuary. Basically, Angers is a beautiful city, not large but very beautiful and charming.

Another significant thing occupying my time is (of course) school. There is no doubt that ESSCA is prominent and well known in France. There are many international students and French students studying at ESSCA. As I know, the international students come from many different countries; many of them even come from the Far East like India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines as well as many Chinese students like me. The location-wise, ESSCA is a bit far away from the city center and usually there are not many people on the street after 18:00. And the environment around ESSCA is extremely quiet.

Studying is always an important topic at ESSCA, presentations and reports are common assignments and some courses even arrange tests on a weekly or monthly basis. At the welcome lunch, the ESSCA’s president said: “I understand that you all have social lives, but do not forget that you are here for studying.” clearly indicating the performance expectations.

All in all, Angers is a wonderful place and I am confident that I will have a wonderful experience here this semester.

– Bokuan

Written by Bokuan Chen. Edited by Xin Xin Hu.