City Pirates: Much more than Football


It is now half may already. The end of our AMS adventure is near and everybody is working hard. The students of the Master Of Finance are writing their thesis. The students of MIE have their master projects, the projects they work on during their entire year at AMS. The six other programs of AMS have a consultancy project. This is something positive, because most of the students still have nightmares of their thesis of their previous master, but especially because you can put the theory you learned during this year into practice. During a consultancy project you work for 8-10 weeks on a problem that the company presented in class. In my program, the Master in Management, those companies are: Boost, Pfizer, Trifinance, HUB, Carrefour, Cigna, Mamitas, JBC, Lloydspharma, Lyfra and Chep. Nice companies, but Bob Noeyens and I suggested to do our consultancy project at City Pirates.

As you all know, every program, except Master of Finance, should do a Social Project during the AMS year. It’s part of the societal consciousness pillar of AMS. With our program we organized a football tournament for City Pirates. Sophie of our class was a volunteer there and so we got to know this beautiful project. Now I all hear you thinking, but what is City Pirates?yves

Well, City Pirates is a social football project located in four areas of Antwerp: Merksem, Linkeroever, Luchtbal and Deurne. These areas are known for a lot of children that pass their time after school on the streets. City Pirates wants to help these children. They want to offer football for everyone, regardless of class, color, background and faith. But City Pirates is much more than football. The social coaches visit the players at home, they help the parents with certain problems, they visit the schools of the players and since two years they also give homework classes. It’s very important that these young people get their degree to take their future in their own hands. To say it in their words: “Football is our engine, social engagement is our fuel and diversity is our power.”

Bob and I suggested to do our consultancy project at City Pirates. The reasons are simple: we really believe in this project. It’s awesome to see how the players enjoy to be together on a football pitch and how the 200 volunteers work on their future. The players don’t need a lot, give them a ball and they play for hours. Next to this we knew there are a lot of challenges at this project. It has grown a lot the last years. At this moment they have a 1000 players and 80 different nationalities. We are working on their communication and marketing and are helping them to find more (financial) partners. Although this project does enormous great work, it is not very known in Antwerp and Belgium. It’s our mission that everyone gets to know City Pirates. If you want to help us, then like our Facebook page and share this post 😉

Together we can make a difference: Velle Est Posse, Once A Pirate, Always a Pirate.