Books and banter


Taking a quick glimpse at our packed MGM schedule left me shocked. Whilst classes may seem to take forever, they will end soon. Very soon: there’s only two more weeks left. Light at the end of the tunnel! Huzzah, hurray, hurrah!

Coming to school every day, spending the whole day in the class room can feel like an exasperating routine. Especially when you have the same course for six hours straight.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Luckily, Jack isn’t part of our class and MGM is blessed with a playful side.

I attempted to recap and highlight some fun moments or facts which made MGM classes just that bit more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Nicknames 

Despite the fact that our full names are clearly spelled out on our name tags, some people now go by another name. Sean? Never heard of him! We do, however, have a classmate called Shun. Further, when you happen to be an American citizen, chances are high that you’ll be called Michael sooner or later. (There also seems to be a correlation between being called Michael and Sentec being your favorite company).

  1. Golden medals

I agree, calculating the WACC, R(RRRR)OIC or unleveraged beta the whole day can be quite intense. However, it ain’t all bad or boring. One must not forget that there are golden medals to be earned during this course! And let’s be honest about finance: it’s primary school right? Very straight forward!

  1. Musical intermezzo’s

Remember the first semester, when one of our of our professors was a huge Michael Jackson fan? Some mornings the tones of Thriller would guide you to class and you could literally moonwalk your way into KS 103. What a way to start your morning class.

  1. Patje with the professor

Not only was that one professor a Michael Jackson fan, he also knew how to treat his students. After our final presentations, he took all 41 (!) of us to the Hovenier to celebrate that we all completed his course successfully. Cheers!

5. Plenty of birthday wishes

In MGM, we take birthdays very seriously. Songs, snacks, kind birthday wishes, you name it. However, we seem to have this weird habit of celebrating certain people’s birthday on a bi-weekly basis. Happy birthday, Tarek! Guess he must be over 35 by now. We fall for it everytime.

Of course, this list is far from complete. I don’t own ‘the Big MGM Banter Book’ in which I write down every funny incident or joke. This is only a mere selection of numerous fun moments we shared in class. Let alone after school hours! 😉 Now let’s make the best of our last two weeks, before we all go our own way for our internship or consultancy project!

See you in class!

– Octavia –