ABInBev: A Brilliant & Innovative Beverage Company


On 3rd November, we gathered at ABInBev, Leuven, at 15.00 hrs. for the company visit we had been promised by AMS. What started as just a company visit turned out to be an absolutely enlightening and a fun evening.

Being a biotechnology student, I had studied all about fermentation and brewing and all the scientific processes that take place, but it was my first chance at having to see it all and get first hand practical information. And what more can I ask especially when this information is being provided by the leading brewer in the world.

To get into a little history, ABInBev was formed by the acquisition of an American brewer Anheuser-Busch by Belgian-Brazilian brewer InBev, which is a merger of AmBev and Interbrew making it the world’s largest brewer. Well, this was practically clear when we entered into the royal house of Beer.

The visit started with every student wearing a yellow jacket for safety or so they said, which we all did with great pain. Later, we had our first rounds of beer at the royal beer house as they gave the first presentation.


Then batch-by-batch they took students for the company tour explaining every detail from history to production. We saw the fermentation tanks, brew kettles and the packaging units as well.



After the tour, we settled down back at our initial point for a few more rounds of beer after which we moved on for a little city visit. It was a day well spent, a perfect blend of fun and learning process.


I was asked this at the end of the event several times, if I would like to work at ABInBev. Well, my clear and loud answer; “Yes, of course, I would love to!”