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    June 3, 2016

    By Julia Ivanishcheva

    Matthäus, Teqball and Jelena Djokovic

    On May 10th F.C. innovation (created by our fellow students Matúš Parízek, Vincenzo Sannipoli and Gilles De Clerck) had the chance to present some of their ideas concerning business innovation and digital transformation within sports business industry at the Morpheus Cup

    May 27, 2016

    By Smitha Shastry

    Humans of AMS: Efraimia Fassa

    “My close friends and my family call me Mia or Miaki. I think that Mia is more like a freak. It's from a Brazilian TV show.”

    May 13, 2016

    By Renzo Noulez de Miguel

    Freedom, Work and Wine Farms (1)

    Travel Me and William arrived at the airport 3rd of April around midnight. The sky was clear and the weather warm. Exhausted from the long flight, we dragged ourselves and our luggage to the car rental company. First cultural difference encountered: despite the desk being open, no one

    April 28, 2016

    By Christelle Conti

    Humans of AMS: Biwen Feng

    Biwen, Supply Chain

    March 29, 2016

    By BartVandenBossche

    Talk the TED-talk

    On Monday the 14th of March it was again one of the most exciting days of the year. TEDxBrussels was taking place and luckily four people of the class got tickets. After an intensive law class in the morning we took off on our trip to the Brussels Event Brewery or as we rephrased it later

    March 25, 2016

    By Sophia Sellars

    Humans of AMS: Faouzi Chourak

    Faouzi Chourak, AMS employee

    March 11, 2016

    By Smitha Shastry

    Humans of AMS: Laura Hoekx

    Modest Fashion Forum

    February 26, 2016

    By Julia Ivanishcheva

    Humans of AMS: Alexander Tolpe

    In my 5 years of studying in Ghent, I didn’t experience anything like this.

    February 12, 2016

    By Sophia Sellars

    Humans of AMS: Shannon and Jonathan

    Shannon & Jonathan, Supply Chain

    February 12, 2016

    By Jonas Jacobs

    Master of Finance teams up at Belgian Cyclocross Championship

    On a sunny but chilly Saturday of January, ten Master of Finance students visited the Belgian Championship Cyclocross. For the foreign students this was a whole new experience. The race turned out to be a one-man-show by Wout Van Aert. The talented Belgian rider won the race with a 24”

    January 13, 2016

    By Isabelle Bonte

    What the MOF is going on?

    You know the feeling when you're in class and suddenly three people enter with cameras and microphones, right? We didn't either.

    December 16, 2015

    By Smitha Shastry

    Jingles all the way

    With Christmas bells ringing across the globe, AMS being decorated with Christmas trees and international students packing to go back home for Christmas break, isn’t it obvious that Christmas is what is on all of our minds right now? But my mind is questioning a little twisted aspect of