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    Sophia Sellars

    Feb 12, 2016 9:47:25 AM

    Sophia Sellars

    Humans of AMS: Shannon and Jonathan

    Shannon & Jonathan, Supply Chain

    Valentine’s day is coming. And though it is a disputed tradition, we – students of AMS – want to abuse this day to emphasize both the love and friendship we have learned to hold for another. In a year’s time, we not only work together, but we also learn to appreciate one another as people. And sometimes, working together leads to something more. As this is this the case for Shannon and Jonathan of Supply Chain, we are happy they are willing to share part of their story here at AMSlife in celebration of #AMSlove.

    Jonathan: My first thought was well she’s very different, because she did an introduction for the welcome day and she did three truths and a lie, and we had to guess which was a lie. And I was like - that’s original and different. And of course, I thought she was cute too.


    On their first memorable interaction... 

    J - She has a lot of apps on her phone about astrology, and basically we were talking about it and I said that if our signs would be compatible - she would have to kiss me and…

    S - …we found out we’re semi compatible, so we just did it anyway.

    On their differences... 

    J - The thing is I’m European and she’s American. There’s a big cultural difference. I didn’t expect it, but there are some huge differences.

    S - The biggest difference is how much ice tea you guys drink.

    On what makes them close... 

    J - It was hard in the beginning to start a relationship with her, because Americans don’t date as quickly. But, even though we have very opposite personalities, I do feel that we get along very very well. I think that’s mainly due to us being similarly weird in a way. We have similar senses of humor.

    S - And we have fun together and have similar interests. Were watching all the Harry Potter movies together. Right now, we're on Deathly Hallows Part 1. 

    J - It's a big risk to start a relationship in your class because if it goes south it can be a huge problem, but its actually good because we have the same schedule and get to do things together.

    S - I said from the start that I wouldn’t date someone in my class, because of how dangerous it is, but I’m happy I didn’t stick to my standards.