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    Sara Fernandez

    Jan 23, 2018 4:18:28 PM

    Sara Fernandez

    Going Sustainable!

    SDG Exchange Day

    Sustainability has been present at AMS since the Onboarding Days. We have been acquainted with its importance, not only from a business point of view, but how it impacts our daily life as well. That is the reason why the school prepared a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Exchange Day, to give us a better insight of what is possible to achieve if we change our mindset towards a more sustainable way.

    What did our day look like?

    The day started at 8:30 a.m. and we had to choose between two workshops. The options were three companies (BASF, Rosy Blue andThe Port of Antwerp), which show us in an interactive way how they contribute to preserve the world by being more environmental friendly; the other option was a SDG Storytelling. I personally chose BASF, a chemical company, and the Storytelling. BASF explained us the relevance of chemicals, how we find them in the things we use in our daily life (like the laptop or smartphone you are using to read this article :P ), and the social responsibility they carry to not contribute to the pollution of the planet. AMS SDG Student Ambassadors helped the lecturer to involve the audience during the workshop. Storytelling was about the history of sustainability and how it become important, like a classmate said "it is because we screwed it up, now we have to fix it", this is, roughly speaking, a pretty good summary. Our part of the workshop was to present a story, related with sustainability and one chosen SDG, in front the class and how we can make this world a better place.


    In the afternoon, the company Caffungi presented a case challenge. Our task was to answer the questionsthe firm proposed, per groups, so to help them to position the company in the market they move, and the possibilities they have to explore other possible options. At the end of the day, one group was selected as winner of the case, they even received a little present.

    The conclusion was, going sustainable is being smart!