Matthäus, Teqball and Jelena Djokovic

    On May 10th F.C. innovation (created by our fellow students Matúš Parízek, Vincenzo Sannipoli and Gilles De Clerck) had the chance to present some of their ideas concerning business innovation and digital transformation within sports business industry at the Morpheus Cup ( and ICT Spring Summit 2016 ( ).

    1463238364Matúš and his colleague from F.C. Innovation Vincenzo, presented their innovative business solutions aimed for boosting fan experience, satisfaction, loyalty and total revenues. This great networking event was located in the European Convention Center in Luxembourg and was attended by football legend Lothar Matthäus, Jelena Djokovic and great innovative company Teqball representing the sports business industry.

    The guys were selected to present their project called Fan Experience Platform in front of high-profile jury, industry experts, media and a crowd of 300 business students. F.C. Innovation won the Best Project Award in the category Business!!

    F.C. Innovation won the Best Project Award in category Business. On the picture with jury member Jelena Djokovic (National Director at Novak Djokovic Foundation).

    Asides from presenting their project and winning the Business Award they had the chance to meet Lothar Matthäus and Teqball CEO Viktor Huszar to discuss the increasing need of implementation of technologies within football business industry. Lothar Matthäus is well respected and experienced professional and has lot to say about this issue. He himself is ultimately for the implementation of technologies in football, but it needs to be limited to only the most important, crutial parts of the game. This football legend advised that goal line camera and Hawk-Eye system (detailed replay) like in tennis, should be imposed in football.

    Great talk with Lothar Matthäus (former European and World Player of the year 1991 and a 1990 Fifa World Cup winner) concerning the possible implementation process of technologies in football.

    1463238652Matúš: «I am very fortunate to have been a part of the ICT Spring Summit and Morpheus Cup 2016 held in Luxembourg. It was a great networking event and amazing way to discuss the implementation of technologies within sports with various industry experts and innovative companies. We all love football, the way it is. This beautiful game creates a lot of strong emotions. Football connects the world like no other sport in the world and is still on the business rise. On the other hand, football as the only big collective sport falls behind in the usage of technologies. All of the business industries nowadays strongly relies on technologies, and football should also try to make the best use of available technologies without sacrificing the integrity of this beautiful game».

    For those of you who are not yet familiar with the project of Matúš, Vincenzo and Gilles, their Fan Experience Platform connects clubs with fans closer together. Using this platform, clubs are able to control the fan experience, quantify /measure fan engagement and generate more revenues, both directly and indirectly. For more information check out the previous article on the blog:

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