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    Sophia Sellars

    Mar 25, 2016 9:54:26 AM

    Sophia Sellars

    Humans of AMS: Faouzi Chourak

    Faouzi Chourak, AMS employee

     “If I can help the students, my day is done. I am satisfied. I do my best. I never say no. Even if I can’t help you at the moment, I will search for the solution. If I can’t find the solution, then ok, I tried. When I do find the solution, what makes me the most happy is the smile on the face of the students.”

    About what happened in Brussels last Tuesday

    It's really a nightmare. I can’t find the words. I like to be with people from different religions, countries... In the airport there are people from every country. It was not only an attack on Belgium. They hurt Europe, but they also hurt multicultural ideas.

    What is your background?

    I have Moroccan roots. My parents moved to Belgium when they were 16 or so. I grew up with two different cultures, the western culture and the Arab culture. It is interesting and sometimes it is difficult. It is difficult because I see the gap between the natives and people from other countries who live here. There is little communication between different communities. I have Moroccan friends and Belgian friends and I grew up with Belgians and Moroccans, I went to birthday parties of both. I talked a lot with both groups to get to know people. If I talk with Moroccan people, what they say about the Belgian people is the same Belgian people say about them. They say the same but they never communicate with each other. What I try to do is make a bridge so everyone can meet and talk directly.

    Tell us about your work here

    We see AMS as a hotel and you are the customers. If you visit a hotel, you always need something and it is our job to facilitate it. Sometimes you may ask too much, but it isn’t a problem. It is your right to ask things and it is our job to make your stay here comfortable.

    What was the weirdest thing a student has asked you?

    «How the elevator works»? I won’t say who asked that. It was this year. *laughs* I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. I wanted to laugh but it was a little bit disrespectful, so I didn’t laugh. I said «just push the button».

    Where did you work before?

    I have two diplomas. I have a technical diploma and after that I studied enterprise communications. Now, I work as a security agent. I am happy here and since January, I also work for AMS. Partly for G4s and partly for AMS as a program coordinator, for the IT program for the executives. It's a really great opportunity.