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    Christelle Conti

    Apr 28, 2016 11:00:37 AM

    Christelle Conti

    Humans of AMS: Biwen Feng

    Biwen, Supply Chain

    "My nicknames are Dora and Pikachu. The Facebook emoji girl with the short hair - it’s me."


    I’m a little famous in China. Before I came to Belgium I joined a show for quizzing. General questions about Geography, Economy and some funny things. I won in the first round but second round I went home. Everyone was watching it in China. But it’s just 40 minutes, so it's hard for people to remember me.


    Why are you always so happy?

    Maybe sometimes I’m also sad, worry about my future because I have no job and no money. I can be happy when I think about happy things like traveling and making progress on my French classes.

    On traveling

    I’ve been to 17 European countries. My favorite place is Budapest in Hungary (because I’m hungry hehhehehehe). I like the bridge, it’s really nice. If I studied there I could draw around the bridge, and if I could meet someone there - it would be really romantic.

    I also liked Switzerland but it’s too expensive. It made me bankrupt.

    About French classes

    Eva is my French teacher and we meet 3 times a week. I do it to learn something new. It makes me happy. It's really hard though.

    I think French is ok, not too hard for me. I thought it would be so hard. But actually it is ok, but probably due to the big help from Eva. She is a great teacher. I go to French class with Nikki from my class too.

    I miss the tea at AMS since I’m working at the company now.

    On future plans

    I didn’t decide yet what I want to do after AMS. I want to stay in Europe.

    I plan to go to Greece, UK, Ireland, Vienna, Austria and Slovakia in June and July.

    [How do you manage to travel so much?] I save my money. I don’t eat, and I don’t drink to save money for traveling.

    My 20th birthday was the first day I was out of the China. I went to the U.S. in Vermont and I did house cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen. I liked the U.S., really nice, really big, so different from Europe. I didn’t like the big cities like NY and LA, but I liked Vermont. There were blue skies, and the people were great.

     Interviewed by Christelle Conti, Julia Ivanishcheva, Sophia Sellars and Smitha Shastry