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    Smitha Shastry

    Mar 11, 2016 1:53:22 PM

    Smitha Shastry

    Humans of AMS: Laura Hoekx

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    Laura Hoekx, MHRM

    Once I went to Oslo, Norway and the weather was really nice. We were sitting near the water and I felt I was happy and I don’t need anything more in life right now. I feel that is how a person must feel in an organization. Everything starts with the right person and right place. There must be a fit between the organization and culture and the kind of person. I don’t think you can put someone in a place where they don’t belong. If I don’t like the organization structure, then I don’t think I will like it and work for them. I like less hierarchical companies.

    I just think that people are the most important asset of an organization and if I can contribute to that and make everyone happy then this will make me happy. Everyone in HR has studied sociology and other courses and I have economics background. Hence, I feel I can contribute better to the organization.

    I think it takes some time for me to be comfortable with people. For me it took time to find my place in the class. But once I am comfortable I believe I’m pretty good with people.

    I like the feeling of small class again here in AMS. AMS is like a small community with different kinds of people and from different places and we build better connections because it’s smaller classes and you get to know everyone personally.

    Interviewed by Christelle Conti, Julia Ivanishcheva, Sophia Sellars and Smitha Shastry