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    Emma Himpe

    Dec 20, 2016 6:00:37 PM

    Emma Himpe

    An ode to DSOL

    Warehouse big or small
    Yes, we’ve seen it all…

    Automated or not
    Logistics is our soft spot

    We love you, Alex Van Breedam
    Only presentations, no exam

    In our little bus, travelling through Belgium
    Even to Venlo, across the border… We were glum

    Happy that the English of our guide was fluent
    LOL, and again SHOCK, half the class was a truant

    Forgetting goldfish
    and getting a free sandwich
    More company visits please, that’s my wish

    Chemicals at BASF and medicines at BD
    Belgium is THE spot for a company’s EDC

    Shoeboxes at nike
    and a depot so big you need a bike

    Atlas Copco, dropped of at the wrong entry
    Thank you bus driver, we walked plenty

    H.Essers, you were great
    Arriving back in Antwerp, very late

    Good, this only happend one time ;)
    LIES!!! Let’s end this rhyme

    Leaving our business cards and fingerprints
    Thank you… for the mints

    -Emma Himpe-