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    Emma Himpe

    Oct 10, 2016 11:01:10 PM

    Emma Himpe

    We are Supply Chain 2016-2017

    Global Supply Chain Management, 36 wonderful people, 15 nationalities, 11 women, 25 men, 5 religions, a life worth of languages and a variety of personalities... but 1 team.

    Other Master Programs had already started before the onboarding days, but for us, Supply Chainers, the adventure had to process a bit of a lead time. During these three onboarding days, we finally had the opportunity to meet our future classmates. Nervously, I entered the premises of AMS, scattering the foyer for future buddies. I recall having smalltalk with everyone and questioning them about their origin, previous studies, work experience and whether they prefer coffee or tea to binge drink in the foyer (secretly I just wanted to know which Master program they were in). I remember shouting 'YES ME TOO!!!' when they said they were in Supply Chain as well. Immediately after that followed a feeling of fear that they would think I was a weirdo and that the ship had sailed to become friends. A couple of days after the onboarding days it was finally time for our official introduction day but most of us got to know one or another already outside AMS during sparing time activities (read drinking at kassa 4 while enthusiastically screaming facts about yourself).

    Our group is combined of a broad spectrum of personalities (a complete DISC if you may) and each and every one of them is an absolute sweetheart. In my own words: 'They are all figures!". There are the crazy ones, the ones with work and life experience (for the record, this is definitely not me), the Shipra, "the Americans", the panda, the loud ones, the mas o menos dictator, some introverts and strong D's. Add a couple of amazingly smart people to the mix and you have Supply Chain 2016-2017.

    I only know these humans for just one month but it feels like ages and somehow it fits perfectly. The conversations are flowing between each other and there's nothing that I can't trust them with. This is maybe due to the fact that I tell everybody literally everything. I already love them to bits and I can't wait to spend the following year with this bunch of weirdos.

    We are Supply Chain 2016-2017, we are a global family.

    #WINNERS (because losing just isn't an option)