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    Emma Himpe

    May 4, 2017 3:17:40 PM

    Emma Himpe

    The life of a Junior Consultant

    Dear active readers of my blogposts aka all students of AMS and surroundings. A long time has passed since I penned some of SC’s adventures down.

    Admittedly, we have been quite busy with our consulting project nowadays. A couple of months ago, various companies came to our class to present the projects, which we could rank according to our individual preference. After that, hours were filled each day with speculations about who would have which project.

    Fast forward to a few months later and it’s my third week now at UCB in Braine-L’alleud. For the Belgians reading this blog: yes, there are TEC buses over there instead of De Lijn.

    Now that work life has started for us, we’ve witnessed first hand what the working class experiences every day. We spend a significant amount of our day commuting, sitting behind our computers, and attending meetings. After spending 3 hours a day in a train each day, I can honestly say that I have developed a hatred for loud chitchat, delays, busses, transfers, and the NMBS in general. Anywayyyyy, transportation time depends on the project and company you have, of course.

    At UCB, we’re currently working on a Supply Chain branding campaign but there are numerous other companies like DHL, Honda, Delhaize, Asco, Ahlers, Port of Antwerp… There is even a project in The Netherlands for the company Stryker. Pretty cool right?

    *Next stop…. Braine-L’alleud*

    Okey, that’s me guys, see you!!

    -Emma Himpe-