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    Stefanie Daenen

    Dec 27, 2017 7:20:33 PM

    Stefanie Daenen

    How to celebrate Christmas with your AMS-family away from home

    AMS Family Dinner

    Christmas is the most important festival for western people. On Christmas Eve, all the family members will gather together and have a big family dinner. What about the international students of Antwerp Management School who stay Antwerp alone? We had AMS family dinner together.

    On December 24th, five students from master of global supply chain management, four students from master of global management and one student from master of entrepreneurship and innovation cooked the food from their home country and had dinner together. After the dinner, a small party was held, during which a student from 3 continents joined us as well.

    When we were preparing dinner, Asser from MGM brought an Egypt cooking class for us. He said that everyone who was watching him cooking should show a surprise face and say ‘wow’ when he put the garlic to the pot. ‘This is one of the Egypt traditional cooking ways. If we did not follow this tradition, then the dish would not taste good,’ he continued.

    Asser cooking traditional Egypt food

    Ebu from MIE bought a very spicy goose dish for us. Being so good at music, she was the best DJ that night.

    Ebu is frying ‘big banana’

    Thao Ly from MGSCM tried to cook a dessert which contained sweet potato and glutinous powder for us. She had it before but this was the first time for her to cook it. As we know, saying is always easier than doing. She did not follow all the recipe from the website, thus this dessert was different from what it was supposed to be. Finally, Parteek from MGM helped her to finish this dish.

    Parteek is helping to make the dessert

    Around 7:30pm, all the dishes were almost done.

    Pilar waiting to start eating

    After the dinner, Siyi from MGM organized a card game called werewolf, which is very popular in China. After the introduction, Pilar from Uruguay and Kumar from India said that they had the similar card game in their home country. Therefore, it was not that difficult for them to learn how to play. The game is based on judgments, debates and votes. At the beginning, not everyone knew the rules so well but in general we enjoyed the game.

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    The party ended at 11:30pm but the fun will never end.

    Thanks for reading!

    Siyi Luo (Master of Global Management)