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    Stefanie Daenen

    Nov 17, 2017 11:03:57 AM

    Stefanie Daenen

    Who are we? What drives us?

    Dear reader,

    As our student-blog has been online for over a month, interesting articles have been posted, shared and liked and our famous hashtag #AMSLife has been booming and trending, we thought it may be time to reveal some inside-information about us: the editorial team. Who are we? What drives us?

    Yade Truijens (Master in Global Managemet)

    Hello! I’m Yade, a Global Management student from Belgium. Some other interests of mine include dancing, boybands, spending too much money on books and acting like a food critic. Oh, and writing. Which coincidentally (or not, really) happens to be why I joined the editorial team. My head is a whirlpool of thoughts and can be a very chaotic place, which is why writing is a creative outlet for me. While it can hard for me to talk coherently (as I said, there’s a lot of chaos in my head) , my pen seems to start writing on its own when I put it to paper, so that’s what I enjoy doing most. Here’s to hoping you’ll put up with me and my blog posts this year!

    Sara Fernández Martín (Master in Global Management)

    i, my name is Sara and I am a Spanish student at AMS. After my Erasmus experience in Antwerp, I wanted to come back to Belgium. I knew about AMS when I was living here, and it looked like the perfect place to study after I graduated: international environment, innovative, updated programs, and not only focus on business but in personal skills as well. So, here I am again!. I joined the editorial team because I want to write about my experience in Belgium and at AMS, as a way to be in contact with future students; and also, because I want to take every opportunity the faculty can give us. I hope you enjoy our posts!

    Oliver Allmoslechner (Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

    i, I’m Oliver! I grew up in Tyrol, a beautiful area in Austria, known for it’s mountains and beautiful landscapes. Needless to say, I love skiing and I especially enjoy the snowy winters at home. Since my childhood I’ve always wanted to start my own company. That’s why I’ve been working as a self-employed multimedia and marketing producer for SMEs since I was 18. Last year, a friend of mine and I started a project called herzregion.at - a platform that supports local Austrian SMEs in digital matters - to gain more practical experience. To broaden my mind, getting inspiration and the networks to kickstart my career when starting a ‘real’ company in the near future, I decided to study the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at AMS. Within the AMS editorial team I’m also responsible for the AMS Masters facebook page, so hit the like button and see how we evolve during this incredible experience at Antwerp Management School.

    Darina Gurkina (Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

    Hello everyone! My name is Darina. I was born in Siberia - one of the coldest parts of Russia. I've been always taught and grew up believing that one of the most important things in life is doing what you truly love and finding your real passion. I was lucky enough to find mine which is travelling and writing.
    I was in the editorial team at high school working in the daily newspaper back in Russia, worked in SMM as a freelancer for the past 4 years while finishing my bachelor degree in Prague, created my own travel blog with useful tips and recommendations and now am being a part of the editorial team of AMS.
    So I can't be more happy for having a perfect chance not only to do something useful and interesting for the school and students but also keep on doing something what I really like.


    Zeno Dewaide (Master in Management)

    riting a book is one of the many items on my bucket list, and I take my bucket list very seriously. Unfortunately, if I am going to deliver a masterpiece, I need a lot of practice. If I am going to deliver a masterpiece, I have to develop my creative writing skills. Not the kind I used in the many scientific papers I had to write over the past years. That’s perhaps the dominating factor that brings me here: learn how to create great content, in this case for my AMS fans. What can you expect from me? As part of the editorial team, and as a true sportsman, I will focus on the sport-related activities during this year. Given the strong interest in it, I hope that I can illustrate that AMS is more than “work hard, play hard”. After this year, it will hopefully turn into “work hard, play (sports) hard”.

    Laurence Vanderstraeten (Master in Management)

    i, my name’s Laurence or ‘pillenverkoop’ like some classmates call me. ‘Pillenverkoop’ means ‘selling pills’ in Dutch because I graduated in June as a pharmacist, and no, I do not sell pills in my daily life😉. I’m a Flemish girl who lives near Gent, the capital of East-Flanders located between Brussels and our not-so beautiful, polluted sea. At AMS I study Master In Management with the goal of obtaining a job next year in the consumer goods industry of a global pharmaceutical company in Belgium or France. I hope you all liked my Instagram takeover on the recent Career Fair. So be warned if you see me with my camera and don’t forget to give me your biggest smile. #AMSlife#blog#student#AMSmemories#touchingsouls#startyourfuture

    Stefanie Daenen (Master in Global Management)

    ver since I was a child, I enjoyed writing little stories and poems about flowers and falling in love (very cliché, I know). Whenever my mind explodes and I have to make important decisions, I start penning everything down. To me, writing is both a passion and a stress-relieving therapy. That’s basically the reason I joined the editorial team. Fun-fact about myself: I’m a language-freak, I actually enjoy tracing down foreign words down to it’s roots and speak four languages fluently. Next up: find a new language to learn. I hope you enjoy reading our posts! Cheers!

    Nitish Kumar (Master in Global Supply Chain Management)

    or me it's very difficult to write about myself, as I always feel short of words. But, I guess compulsion can make anyone do anything. So, let's see how perfectly, words can reflect me.
    I am witty but sensible, I am sensible but not serious. I love writing, so I am here and I am going to utilize, sorry exploit this platform for my passion for writing.
    As said by a great man, once: “ The one who writes, never forgotten ”.

    Charlotte Coenegracht (Master in Management)

    My drive in life is do what you love and love what you do.
    When I was a little girl I wanted to be a journalist, my dad always told me that I couldn’t become a journalist for several reasons. This day, I prefer other things but I still love taking pictures, I am incredibly curious, I am creative and like writing short texts.
    Now in the editorial team I can be a little journalist. That’s a childhood dream coming true.
    So I hope that I can add a value to the team and write, be creative and just have fun!

    Yogesh Aggrawal (Master in China-Europe Business)

    ll the way from the land of the mighty Everest to the battleground of emperors, I came here with some memories and dreams. And I want to leave with more of both.  At AMS for a learning experience of a lifetime and in the editorial time for sharing them.

    Thanks for reading!

    The AMS-Editorial-Team