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    Emma Himpe

    Dec 3, 2016 11:02:38 AM

    Emma Himpe

    The nuts and bolts of Supply Chain Management

    We are the multicoloured and multi cultured crème de la crème of the world indeed. I’ll tell you how..

    The engine functions in a strange manner I say, there is an Andrey who 'probably' leads the vodka fuelled ship. Besides, everyone just blindly agrees with what he's inferred because there a puny chance the calculation of the captain is wrong. And yes, the captain stands alone.

    Everyone has this secret talent, lady Flo with her Harp! Who in the world is cool enough to be a harp player? Nobody.

    Oh little Natasja who is a ball of fury in the class with the notes on point and marks to the tee.

    Astrid with her class and grace is another story altogether.

    Maxim is the nice guy giving all the important information well in time.

    Emmz, is a world of laughter, unicorns and razmatazz and undoubtedly the best casual chic dressing sense in all of AMS put together. 

    Dani is our silent killer who made it to the home run of PwC and left us all so proud! 

    Careli is our epic inhouse girl next door combined with lacey shoes, she loves her pink but also believes in fuck the police.

    Daniella oh Daniella, where do you get the heart big enough to be as sweet to everyone? The world could do with more of you around.

    Basel, the Catalonian ladies man with colour coordinated cushions, wine glasses and candles galore.

    Jorge, the secret pro gambler who's name not a soul can pronounce keeps the class spirits high with our own cheer.

    Dearest Tram, who's silence and hard work says it all. There's very few who earn their education and toil for it, respect is the least she deserves.

    Did you know that Joey hates leaving her room and is the happiest girl around with not a care in the world.

    Lambert oh Lambert, we love how amazingly chill you are and still remember that shot at Barra. Where do you get those shirts with the fancy patterns though? Must do business with China.

    Dear Goldfish, even though nobody says it. What is really appreciated is the people who have the confidence to make a mockery of their name in order to make others laugh.

    Pamela with the oozing confidence and an impeccable american accent explaining where in the world Honduras is! That conversation is always a delight.

    Mister Bloom just wants to watch the world burn with his big house and hot wife. In other words, the quintessential American dream.

    We believe that our man Abhi will land on pluto by the time June comes around.

    Just adorable how tall and skinny Youssef is the most soft spoken, definitely something to learn from.

    Philip is the hilarious lanky footballer from one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

    Akram was the best when drunk grabbing beers from freezers in wilmidge, picked up ten and only two reached the room. The hallways were blessed with the rest of the cans.

    Samia with the blessed culinary skills and chart topper music, did you also know that she is a pro programmer and probably knows a bunch of coding we cannot wrap our pea brains around.

    Andreas the ladies man, the lesser said the better. The french speaking, thai food making, head banging smart kid.

    If only we had the pretty face, blue eyes and chef hands of Bram. Both life, and getting laid would be a lot easier.

    Darshan is the tall dark and handsome gamer show watcher. He watches the show, laughs in his head and goes ahead with being a potato on his bed for 18 hours at the minimum.

    Guido, our Argentine star was next to a captain on a ship! Phew, too many hidden diamonds around.

    Hassan! Its amazing how he manages his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend, a social life, student council vice presidency and 300 job applications along with AMS.

    Irina, we can only crave for a flawless body and skin like yours. So much dare in you girl, shows everyday.

    Joost is another guy who has at least 20 different ways his name is pronounced, the quiet ambitious and smart ladies man.

    Kenza and her immense fan following all over AMS is a thing very few know about, the girl of everyones fantasies is our lady Kenza. With her wit and brains, there aren't many who can handle that.

    Manan, the two facts whether is scored or where he was that night in Dublin is still a big question mark. Our in house work hard party hard guy!

    So much respect for Rahila managing a house and studying along with looking at a career ahead, let me tell you she is an outlaw compared to the married Indian woman. *Slow clap*

    Steve is our adorable man from New Jersy, loving how he finally wants to come party with us. We've finally levelled up to his cool crowd.

    Roel the silent blue eyed 'animal lover' is the perfect sight when Pam says "he's too quiet and not fun" while she blends in with dancing Supply Chain-ers in De Prof while Roel just watches with a smile.

    Nan is the only one living the dream with sleeping and eating everyday, you should know that there are 37 people beyond jealous of your life!

    We cant but help lust after those cars in Robins pictures and on the other hand he is the smiling first bencher always getting the right answers.

    Did you see Mark on that trampoline! Enough said.

    The semester is coming to an end, the work load and pressure is building.. but in case of a birthday, you will find more guys from Supply Chain Management at Kassa 4 than in class the next morning.

    Its been the nicest roller coaster of a first semester there can be. Hasn't it?

    -Shipra Singh-