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    Emma Himpe

    Mar 31, 2017 5:01:02 PM

    Emma Himpe

    Sustainable Sustainability

    We all know that sustainability is the answer to everything… Ever been in class when the teacher asks a question and you just have no clue what the answer is? Well, I promise you, in 9 out of 10 times the answer ‘sustainable’ or ‘sustainability’ will do.

    We, the students of Antwerp Management School immersed ourself in the world of sustainability and the SDG’s during I-week. Wel, it wasn’t really a week but rather two intensive days: 6th-7th of March. We attended lectures, workshops, debates and solved business cases, all linked to sustainability.

    We kicked off (can’t get enough of these kick-offs) these two days with an introduction on the Sustainability Development Goals, given by Peter Wollaert from UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research). After that, we could chose to attend a lecture of BASF, the Port of Antwerp, ING or Solvay. These corporations let us in on how they coped with green energy and what their efforts were to attain the SDG’s.

    During the afternoon we focused mainly on solving a business case from SPADEL. This famous Belgian company came to our school to ask our opinion for a future marketing plan (did I hear marketing?! that’s my cup of tea). They want to increase awareness amongst consumers and encourage them to return their used empty bottles instead of throwing it away. We used our young consulting minds to come up with fresh ideas.

    We weren’t expecting to win actually but as humble as we are, of course we won the damn thing because as all GSCM’ers know: losing just isn’t an option :p The cool thing is that we are invited to visit the HQ of Spadel in Brussels and present our idea to the board of managers. Do you want to know more about our idea? Watch the youtube movie in the next blogpost where we explain it. Congratulations on the other group that won: Tom, Nathalie, Stephanie, Karel, Elien & Evelien!! Excited to go together to Brussels and blow them away with our epic marketing plans.

    The next day we attended a debate and several workshops (too many to mention). A big thanks to all the people who gave workshops during these two days and all the different guest speakers. We had a lot of fun!

    -Emma Himpe-