6 Things you’d rather be doing than working on your thesis

    Writing a thesis, l’horreur.  We’ve all been there and now we’re here again. Unfortunately.

    The last 8 weeks we have all been racking our brains over our final projects. Marketing research has been conducted, businesses have been developed and distribution processes have been optimized. Now it’s time to put all our findings and recommendations on paper.

    Since our literary delights are due next week Friday, a lot the AMS full-time master students feel the warm breath of the impending deadline down their neck. That warm breath is to be interpreted very literally, given the fact that the sun is doing her very best to gladden us with her intense company on a daily basis.

    Writing a thesis is a matter of dedication and perseverance. Now, do you know what even takes more discipline? Writing a thesis when the Belgian weather is extraordinarily nice. Scientific research has proven that 99% of the to-do lists and plannings aren’t sun proof. Productivity seems to be irreversibly proportional to the intensity of sunrays.

    Here’s a list of 6 fun activities in Antwerp that make you dream away even more. Or that you can look forward to when the deadline is over.

    1. Sipping cocktails at Bocadero or Jardim

    Are you longing for a quick getaway? Are you ready to experience a real holiday mood? Then you should definitely pay a visit to Bocadero and Jardim.The palmtrees, comfy lounges and great atmosphere almost make you believe you find yourself on some Spanish party island.


    2. Taking a plunge in the outdoor pool at De Molen or the swimming pond at Boekenbergpark

     In desperate need of refreshment on a sun-drenched day? Pay a visit to the outdoor pool De Molen or the swimming pond at Boekenbergpark.





    3. Write a 10-pages LCDT paper 

    Oh, the irony.

    4. Enjoying the view at the MAS

     The good old MAS. Going here truly never disappoints. #MASlife

    5. Strolling down ‘t Vlotje and the Antwerp quaysides


    6. Procrastinate by writing a blog post 

    Oops. Guess I spend enough time on writing this rather random blog post. Good luck with finishing your thesis everyone! We're almost there!

    - Octavia -