Soulful Sundays


“A sunday well spent brings a week of content”

I’m writing this blogpost in the sun on the terrace of a cosy bar called Perruche in the centre of Antwerp city. Two of my classmates are sitting next to me, reading books to inspire them for their start-ups.

As we are a class with a lot of international students, we meet up in the weekend for parties, strolling through the city, having breakfast at the weekly market on Theaterplein and working on our projects in a coffeebar. My favorite part of the weekend is this Sunday afternoon. Sitting with a coffee, books and laptops surrounded by like minded individuals. These Sundays are a perfect mix of inspiration and relaxation, preparing us all for a busy and productive week.

Usually changing city comes with a lot of challenges of building a new network, but it has never been easier to move. We are all here to meet new people and build a backpack full of good memories! Yet another reason why this master is great ..


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Chiara Simonelli - Student of the master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship - This year at AMS is a year for me, for my development and my dreams. I'm looking forward to what there is to come, will you join me on my road?