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    Madison Pearce

    Dec 14, 2018 2:11:27 PM

    Madison Pearce

    Modest Fashion Forum

    On November 23, some fashionistas from the Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship went to the Modest Fashion Forum, an event organised by Mvslim. Mvslim is an organization that wants to inspire the next generation to aim for the extraordinary. The goal of this event was to put Modest fashion into the spotlight and to raise awareness of this new fashion lifestyle.

    The Modest Fashion Forum began by defining what exactly modest fashion is. Influencer and speaker Sarah Dimani said:

    “Modest fashion is simply when clothes are designed and/or combined in a way that suits people who prefer to show less skin.”

    During this forum, we were able to meet many very talented women. Not only did we gain insight into what modest fashion is all about, but we analyzed the market potential. We learned about how big brands still seem to hold back on targeting this segment. Speakers included Belgian and British influencers: Sarah Dimani and Sagal Shire, directors from Modessa and MoMu, British model Mariah Idrissi, COO from The Modist, and Fashion editor Elspeth Jenkins. From their expertise, we had an overview of Modest Fashion from a customer’s perspective as well as from a business perspective.

    It became clear that the mainstream fashion and luxury brands don’t include modest fashion. However, Modest fashion is for everyone and should be accessible everywhere. We are thankful for the opportunity to have learned more about this interesting and growing trend and will definitely be on the lookout for more modern fashion in the future.