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    Nitish Kumar

    Nov 19, 2017 12:36:58 AM

    Nitish Kumar


    If you are wondering what’s KS204, then please don’t, it’s just a room no: written in bold. But its not just a room, it’s a small world with people representing different part of mother earth. Some from the far east and most from the west, out of their homes for something better. This room is as diverse as India, not literally but can be compared, with 13 nationalities, highest in our school.

    A harmful place

    This room is full of irony’s, country of billion people is a minority and the country of less are the max. Still the harmony is at its fullest, we drink together (not often though), we eat together (again not often) and spend the most valuable time of the day, together. In the initial few weeks we have found the one to brush our shoulders with, throughout the year. For others, 40 won’t be much but for us it is, 40 students in one class, keeping our self, silent during a lecture seems impossible but we do with extreme dexterity. I can talk about the lectures too but it’s better to do it anonymously, showing what I learned during LCDT residential seminar could be harmful.

    Intelligent Minds

    KS204, I wonder why you have seating arrangements outside? That’s too better than what you have inside? You know it’s so comfortable waiting for the class then actually attending it, at the same time interesting to see, when the most intelligent minds teaching things to the most incognizant ones. Anyways, I learned a lot or rather say still learning, the most crucial things with the most easy-to-do-simple exercises.


    KS204, I love your location, right on top floor, above all the other class rooms, gives me a feeling of being important. I won’t say supply chain is the best, LCDT course made me learn to keep myself humble and generous, even if the reality is enough to confirm the notion. I envy of one thing though, the coffee vending machine, wish to have it on our floor too. It will help in saving the calories I burn while taking stairs to see you during weekdays. One more thing, you are so warm, I know it’s because of heaters, but still it’s a big relief, in a city where sunny day is rare.

    I know I am bragging about the most simple things in life, room is nothing but a room, and all rooms are same, you have nothing special but just one thing. The time I am spending here, the time which is not going to come again, for others it might but not for me. I will get into work or may be make someone work for me, so this will be the last “classroom”, what next is “boardrooms” or “conference rooms” which though sound awesome but has so much of stress and pressure intact, now I feel so free then I won’t.


    So, KS204, now you know how important you are. After one year, the key to your door will surely be called as my key to success. And as I know, this is the last year for you to see people, you will be left alone, no one will open your door, you won’t find anyone waiting outside. But please don’t be sad, I will remember you, I will remember you as my last “classroom”, I will remember you throughout my life.