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    Emma Himpe

    Jan 4, 2017 1:35:49 PM

    Emma Himpe

    The Fresh Connection Game

    In September 2016, we spent the whole week playing ‘the fresh connection game’.  We didn’t only learn the basic supply chain concepts, but we also learned how to work with our teammates.

    The fresh connection game is a team work. So, five members must play together and be well organized in order to achieve results. In order to get good results for our team, we should have a clear aim and try our best to reach this goal. From this game, I learned an important thing and that is to never give up whatever happens. Even if you get low scores, you shouldn't give up. Just keep on believing in yourself and believing in your team. For example, before the last round start, our score (ROI) wasn’t good. After a thorough discussion and analysis, we made a major decision to cut down the number of pallet locations for finished products from 1.450 to 250 for the last round.

    By doing so, we were able to save 116.974 EUR in our overhead cost and hence, get a higher ROI. Finally, we enhanced our team performance. The game provided a chance for us to communicate with each other. When working in a team, teammates share their ideas with each other, which is helpful to reach better results. We can learn something from each other because we are from different places, owning various experiences and holding different views towards things. We can help each other to solve problems together, to share happiness of being successful. This makes a great contribution to establishing valuable friendships.

    -Guoquan Zang aka LAMBERT-