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    Yade Truijens

    Nov 5, 2017 9:08:21 PM

    Yade Truijens

    Dream job, this way

    October 25, 2017. The AMS career fair; a defining moment for the careers of AMS-students. Okay well, maybe not defining, but nonetheless, let’s just say that it’s an important event for all current full-time master students at AMS. Two times a year, Antwerp Management School opens its doors to welcome a diverse array of companies to present itself to the full-time master-students of AMS, and on October 25, it was time for the first career fair of the academic year.

    This career fair also held a first for AMS in general. For the first time, students got the chance to have a speed date with a company of their likings, so that’s how most student got their day started. 6 minutes, 14 companies to choose from and a total of 168 time slots; who knew that dividing time slots in an Excel sheet could be so exhausting. (Shout-out to the class reps, you rock!) So, we started the day of with clammy hands, holding our printed CVs and waiting for the *BUZZZZ* that kick-started our skimpy 6 minutes speed date with a company that we might just want to start working for.

    After a delightful brown-paper bagged meal (no bother looking for a sandwich of your likings, all bags contained the same cheese with veggies and ‘preparé’ topped sandwiches), it was time for the real deal. No time for a relaxing coffee with a ‘speculaas’ cookie in the foyer, as the foyer was wiped clean and the comfy sofas made room for the 22 companies that decided to come to the career fair. All companies got their own little stand and starting from 1 o’clock that afternoon, they could begin convincing students of their capabilities as a company and an employer.

    And then the real fun began for the students… Each with their own goal in mind, they wandered around and hopped from company to company to hear what they had to say and hopefully deliver them a CV or business card, that AMS was so kind to provide us with (thanks AMS!). For some, this began their search for the perfect company, while others considered it as a quest to find the best goodies (sorry to the other companies, but we couldn’t just ignore the delicious goodies MARS provided us with).

    After a long day, the full-time master students could return home, hands and bags filled to the brim with information leaflets, notebooks and other goodies, and minds filled with maybe a bit more insight about who they might want to work for.

    See you at the next career fair guys!