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    Siyi Luo

    Feb 14, 2018 8:04:02 PM

    Siyi Luo

    Leadership Workshops on Valentine's Day

    How can you make Valentine’s Day more fun when you have to be at school? A wonderful workshop day is the answer. Today, our master students have a morning session for a leadership workshop organized by ourselves. We were informed to do it since last semester. Since it is a cross-program teamwork, it can be time consuming to arrange everything. Besides, we are required to not only present our ideas but also get all the audiences to be involved as much as possible. All these elements make the leadership workshop challenging and interesting. I attended four workshops in classroom SJ 022, which I enjoyed a lot.

    Workshop no. 1

    The first workshop is about how to build resilience. At the beginning, the participants were asked to build small tents from poker cards. They need to build as many as they could in a limited amount of time. It is an individual work which is fun and catches the attention very well. Later, they were asked to build a house by using card boards. They needed to finish it in 10 minutes and the house had to fit at least one person. All the groups did a great job in different ways.

    Workshop no. 2

    The second workshop brought us a simulated experience of assessment center. Everyone got 13 documents and was supposed to look through them, set priorities and make a list in 20 minutes. It was a difficult task, especially for persons who never took part in assessment center before. After the task, we didn’t get the answers immediately, but we received tips and tricks on how to do it well, which will be very useful in our professional lifes.

    Workshop no. 3

    The topic of the third workshop was how to deal with conflicts. First of all, we wrote four words which we think are related to conflicts. We learned that many conflicts happen when there is misunderstanding. Here, communication and negotiation are the key points. Then, we had a test to identify our negotiation types. Finally, suggestions were provided based on different negotiation styles.

    The last workshop was about the DISC-profiles, which we learned part of them before. We were sitting in groups with the people who share similar personalities. We were asked to draw a picture to reflect our personalities. Then we listed to the strengths ,examples as well as pitfalls. Finally, we presented what we analyzed.

    I wish I had the chance to attend all the other workshops as well!

    Thanks for reading!