Humans of AMS: Rico Gaertner


Rico, MIE

About the debates

The debate was really fun. First time I and the others from MIE did something like this. We were really surprised when we were at the event and Raz and the team did an amazing job.

I think political debates like this should happen more often. People are not interested in politics anymore and that’s really sad, because it’s teaching our lives. People should have these discussions more.

How did your traveling story start?

It was our English teacher, they had a flyer for a program abroad. I took it because I was interested, but at home I threw it away. I thought the price was too expensive and my family could not afford it. But my mom found it in the bin and asked who threw it away. I told her and she looked stuff up on the internet and found a program that was less expensive and asked if I wanted to go.

In India it’s really easy to connect with people. From the first day, they take you in the group of friends and even now I am in contact with four guys that I would really say are friends for life. Whenever I go back to Asia I have to stop in India to see them.

There is a fruit market, where there are lots of people selling different things and it was my absolute favorite place. I went back last year and those guys still knew me! It feels like coming back home.

What have you learned from traveling?

The first is openness to other things and to uncertainty. You know, arriving in a city somewhere in India that you have never been to before, at 2 am, with no hostel booked – those kinds of situations aren’t a problem anymore, because now I know there is always a way to figure it out.

Of course it is challenging and scary in a way, but with time you learn to handle the situations even to the point that you can joke with the drivers about the prices and such…


Interviewed by Christelle Conti, Julia Ivanishcheva, Sophia Sellars and Smitha Shastry

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