Humans of AMS: Pieter-Jan Janssens


Pieter-Jan Janssens, MGM, Belgium

“I chose AMS because it’s in Antwerp. I had never studied in Antwerp before and I like it as a city. And AMS is much broader and much more international, which I find very interesting. Also, at AMS, we feel like we are a group. We aren’t a bunch of individuals in a class but we feel the group. We are MGM as a whole and AMS as a whole, and I think that is a really good point of this year. WE are all different backgrounds and people, but we can be one group in such a short period of time… It’s really something great of AMS.”


Overwhelmed with the loads of work at AMS, we (Christelle, Smitha, Sophia and Julia) decided to find relaxation in creating a new project inside AMSlife. It is quite probable that you are familiar with HONY (Humans of New York). Well, now you will also be introduced to HOAMS – Humans of AMS. That’s right, we are going to pick random people in the foyer or somewhere else in the building and interview them for the blog. With the wide range of diversity the AMS student body has, we aim to capture a glimpse into the different lives of AMS students by taking one story at a time. See our community through the eyes of these students, and take a peek into their realities. Maybe one day we can go outside and interview Antwerp citizens…

Reader, pay attention, one day you may find yourself on these pages 😉