CEBS Class Of 2016

CEBS Class Of 2016

Coming back to AMS after a semester away brought back a familiar and comfortable feeling.

In order to receive our diplomas we still had to present our Master Consultancy Project on August 18. All dressed up and eager to get this out of our way, we waited in the Foyer to be called in. The smiles on the faces after the presentations held a mixture of relief and happiness.

The day filled with final presentations was closed with a final feedback-session from classmates and, of course, drinks.

August 19, 2016, the day we finally got our hands on our diplomas and a day where we reached an important milestone in our lives.

A serious struggle with togas and hats occurred before the start of the ceremony and instructions given by our Program Manager got our heads spinning. When it was time to walk out of the room and face our friends and families whom came from all over the world to celebrate with us, nothing but pride filled the Foyer.

Anxiously we waited until our names got called out, but not before our classmate Xiaoying Zoé Yin delivered, yet again, an inspirational speech.

August 19, 2016, was the day we left AMS as global citizens and venture out into the big world.

We can look back at this year with a smile.

We can look back at this year with pride.

We can look back at this year to the many opportunities and challenges.

But most importantly, we can look back at this year with gratitude for the valuable memories we have created together.

– Xin

CEBS Class of 2016
CEBS Class of 2016