Albert, we’re gonna miss you!


Isn’t it cute that we tend to stick most to people who we meet in times of need? Have you ever noticed that the friendships that start because you don’t have anybody else to share your concerns and problems with, last longer than those you acquire in the times of fun? Isn’t it logical that we find more comfort in being with people whom we had seen at their worst rather than with those who we always see at their best?

The introductory summer Dutch course at the Antwerp Management School for the year 2015 started on the 24th of August. And this was how we met: 14 students from all over the world who came to acquire a Master’s degree in different areas. We hadn’t known (well, most of us hadn’t known) each other before. We didn’t have anyone else in this city. And we would spend the next 5 days together studying the language we know nothing about. Trust me, we saw each other at our worst. Dutch-speakers, you wouldn’t like to be present at those classes.

As I have already mentioned, we applied to different master programs. One of them is China-Europe Business. And one of us is now leaving for China. That is why we gathered once again and had a lovely dinner together.

Albert, we will all miss you! Have a nice stay (omg, it will be a 6-months stay, you’re crazy!) in China, gain experience and knowledge and come back to see us again!