Bye bye, CEB!


Time flies when you’re having fun. Especially when you’re working on a zillion group works, papers, attend classes and apply for jobs all at the same time. The start of the second semester also means that the CEB students’ time in Antwerp is almost up. Within one week they’ll travel to China, where they will be studying at ESSCA École de Management in Shanghai. Isn’t that exciting?!

Now, since I don’t have a crystal ball to gaze into or the psychic skills to do so, I cannot predict what the future will bring. Nevertheless I’m sure it’s very rosy, bright and thrilling. What I can do though is have a look back on the moments I shared with some CEB’ers.

When I think of CEB, I think of the Student Hostel where most of them reside. And more specifically the legendary parties they hosted in the communal area there. They truly turned it into the place to be on a Friday night! I think a lot of fellow AMS-students have some unforgettable #hostelnights memories.

Since the countdown has begun and it’s their final week in Antwerp, I suggest you spend some more time with your favorite CEB’ers. Hug them extra tight. Laugh a little louder together. Attend a hostel night. Appreciate their presence to the fullest.

Okay, I’ll wrap it up before I get all emotional.

I wish you all the best in Shanghai. I hope you enjoy the city, learn a lot in- and outside of school, make great new friends, are overwhelmed by new experiences and that you think about us AMS-kids from time to time. When you all will be gone the Foyer will be a little less crowded, alive and vibrant.

You will be missed!


– Octavia –

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