Unifying Diversity


Hello, I’m Michiel De Visschere, President of Student Council and as a former member of two student organizations, Moeder Gezelle and VRG, I already organized a lot of events. For me, events aren’t about the drinking or the profit that you made out of it. It’s about bringing people together.

As president of Student Council that’s my main goal as well. There are 249 students at AMS, divided in eight classes. Each class forms his own community. I want to break the boundaries and make one group, one team of all the students. Through the events of student council we want to bring them all together.

The reason is simple. During our time at AMS we will gain knowledge out our courses, guess-lectures, company visits and projects, but an important source of knowledge that we shouldn’t forget, are our fellow students. I think every individual is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Everyone has his own nationality (this year there are 35 different nationalities at AMS), history, personality, motivation and goals. I want to learn about how others experience certain events. What’s their drive to live the life they are living. What motivates them in life. Which key moments has formed them. We can all learn a lot from each other by sharing stories, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge…

That’s why I want to bring people together. We already organized events like international dinner, Thirsty Sunday, Speeddate, Halloween party and many will follow. At the end of this year, everyone should have friends from different classes. We will have our own AMS-couch surfing places and feel really comfortable in an multicultural and international environment. For all those reasons, I hope to see you at our next events!