Troubles in the HRM food supply chain


Hi guys,

Two weeks ago, we went to Wemeldinge in Holland. We had a great time! I think most of you know we had to cook for ourselves. For the readers who don’t know what I’m talking about: as a teambuilding activity we had to organize our own catering. This meant we had to choose what we wanted to eat, we had to go to the store and during the seminar we had to cook for ourselves.

At first, I didn’t know how we were going to fix this cooking situation. I mean: breakfast, two lunches and a dinner for 26 people? I can’t even make an omelet…. Luckily we have some kitchen princesses in our program. The decision making process went surprisingly well. We made a poll in our Facebook group where people could mention which kind of food they didn’t like. That taking into to consideration, Tine presented a possible menu. Everybody immediately liked her proposal, so the HRM menu was born. I will give you an overview of the menu.

Lunch 1:                    Pumpkin soup, with bread

Dinner:                      Hamburgers with pommes duchesse (check out the picture)

Breakfast:                  Croissants, pastries, scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch 2:                    Croque monsieurs

You have to admit, sounds pretty good right?

Then we had to go to the store and get all our ingredients. Of course we provided some drinks as well, because besides intensive studying, the ladies of HRM know how to throw a great party! A few people volunteered to go to the store, so once again the process went surprisingly easy. Of course we had a limited budget so this was something we had to keep in mind. I didn’t go to the store, but I had faith in my fellow students.

Yet, I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to know how much food you need for such a big group. I mean, do people eat one burger? Two burgers? Maybe three? I would say one… but the people who went to the store clearly thought something else. They bought 60 (!!) burgers. I have never seen so many burgers in my entire life, what an experience. I will never forget this magical moment. The first night when we made the burgers… I was in heaven. We had all the ingredients to make bicky burgers, a regular hamburger, a fish burger, and so on. I was in BURGER HEAVEN! But… of course we didn’t eat 60 burgers. This meant we had to eat the burgers the next day again for lunch. After seeing these 60 burgers, prepare them and eat them… I was even dreaming about them. The next day my love for burgers had decreased. I was willing to give it a go and ate another burger at lunch. After that I couldn’t even think about burgers. During the seminar we talked a lot about defining moments in life. Well, when I think about defining moments in life I would definitely say this is one. This seminar has changed my view on burgers… I don’t know if I will ever think about them the same. I think I have to eat one to see how I feel about them… damn now I’m hungry.

Of course the seminar didn’t only change my view on burgers. The catering exercise showed me how strong our group already is. The decision making process, going to the store,.. Everything went so well, without any discussions or fights… and even during the seminar everybody took a role upon him/herself naturally. It was a unique experience, I had never experienced something like this seminar but it successfully reached its goal. Definitely.

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