The Quest for the Dream Job


9th of December 2015: 7 AM:

TuTuTu TuTuTu.. “oh crap” ..” Sorry my sweet bed but I need to leave you”. The goodbye is hard but I have to go back to AMS. Taking courses, working on group tasks, eating deadlines for breakfast, drinking water (I don’t drink Coffee) in the Foyer, giving presentations,  going out after school, meeting new people… and now studying for the exams.  That’s how our days are filled.

9th of December 2016: 7 AM:

TuTuTu TuTuTu.. “oh crap” ..” Sorry my sweet bed but I need to leave you”. The goodbye is hard but I have to go to work. Eating deadlines, working on tasks, eating deadlines for breakfast, meeting new people. Some of the aspects of the jobare already certainties. However the most important dilemma I need to figure out is what I exactly want to do for living.

At AMS there are now four categories of students: they who exactly know what they want to do, those who first want to explore the world, those who already got a job and those who don’t know what they want to do. I’m a member of that last category. A Master at AMS broadens our options. We will all have two masters, so we will have gained knowledge in several business fields. Will I become a trainee at AB Inbev, Lidle, Nike, ADIDAS, DHL…? Do I want to learn a lot more through consultancy and look to Accenture, PwC, KMPG, Deloitte…? Will I do an internship abroad via AIESEC? Will I join a start-up? Lots of options and lots of different opportunities. But how do you make the right decision?looking-for-a-job-pandora-and-190-companies-are-hiring-c1b39cd0a1It’s important to mention that the AMS team not only tries to give you more knowledge, but they also try to help you with this question about your future. To find an answer to this question, you need to start with looking at yourself. What are the aspects of life you value the most? What is important for you? How do you see your life in five, ten, twenty years from now?

To get a “match” with a company, you have to check their mission, their vision. What does the company stands for? What’s their main goal? What’s the atmosphere? Once you find a company that fits with your values, you’ll already be one step closer to finding your dream job. AMS gives us a lot of chances to meet companies: career fairs, company visits, guest lectures… As a student it’s important to always have your eyes and ears open.

During the Christmas holiday I’ll think further about what drives me in my life. For the students who are on the same search as me, there are two things we shouldn’t forget. 1) Don’t put too much pressure on it.  Your first job probably won’t be your last. We can learn from every experience: positive and negative. 2) Keep enjoying this year at AMS. Living, working and learning in this international environment is a privilege. It’s definitely worth waking up for 😉

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Michiel De Visschere
President of Student Council. Interested in people and their stories.