The Importance of Diet and Exercising


Studying at Antwerp Management School is not easy. AMS demands a lot of time, discipline and hard work. In light of this, I believe we can all benefit from some good habits, such as exercising and keeping a healthy/balanced diet. I would like to share my personal experience on this with you.


Now, I know that I might sound like your mother, but health really does come first. It doesn’t matter how important or urgent the assignment is or if I have an exam the next day, I will still prioritize health. For me, this means eating healthy, exercising (gym, running, etc.) and getting enough sleep. These are all things that keep my mind sharp and focussed, and thus enhance my productivity.


First of all, I don’t have much to say about what concerns a good diet. As a friend of mine (who studies sports nutrition & diet) said, “the best diet is the one you can keep up”. So, just search for what works best for you, whether it is a normal diet, paleo diet, vegetarian, etc. (You can find a lot of useful information on the internet these days!)

I like to keep it easy. Just a good balance between carbohydrates (biggest part), protein and healthy fats (smallest part) and lots of fruits and vegetables. I avoid sugar, as this only gives me a short energy spike and afterwards my productivity reaches a low. I also avoid alcohol when I know that I’m going to have to be really productive. Just try a few weeks of “no alcohol”… I was pretty amazed by the effect!


Secondly, exercising! I need sports in my life. While it also acts as an outlet, you can get a pretty good kick out of these endorphins! Regular exercise has some other awesome benefits too:

  • it relieves stress;
  • it clears your mind. You gain more focus from it;
  • you get a better/deeper sleep (which for me is very important since most of the time I don’t get more than 7 hours of sleep);
  • overall it’s part of a healthy lifestyle (physically and mentally).


Last but not least! Getting the right amount of (quality) sleep is the key to keeping up this busy lifestyle since it gets your mind and body ready for another high performance day. I put away any devices that give off too much light. Also my smartphone goes on sleep-mode so that I don’t get any notifications.

Be aware that sleep deprivation can become a vicious circle. As you sleep less, you become less efficient and you will need more time to study (or complete other tasks). I’ve been trapped in this vicious circle and I know it can be a difficult one to break, but it’s definitely worth it!

These are a few tips I have on enhancing your own productivity. Feel free to share some of your own. I can always use them!



  1. Great article, Renzo! Useful and extends the focus from what have all the students experienced at school to what they might implement in their lives.

  2. Great article, Renzo! Useful and extends the focus from what all the students have experienced at school together to what they might individually inmplement in their lives.