Student Council ends 2015 with confidence: “We will be back”


It’s a happy student council I get to interview. During their last meeting of this first semester, the casted smiles and hidden jokes hint towards an atmosphere of satisfaction. As Michiel (MIM), the president, opens the meeting, he says – with a touch of pride – that: “we are achieving the goal of making all students bond and get to know each other.”

And indeed. While evaluating the activities, the student council members can only sum up the nice moments these past few months have brought. “The international dinner certainly did its job,” Alexandra (MIE) says. “Tasting everybody’s home-cooked meals was a great start of the year. This warm October evening has set the standard for what had yet to come.”

Kevin (CEBS) definitely enjoyed the Halloween party: “Making students dress up on a Friday evening made them reach out of our comfort zones. Also, the American students were thrilled that we organized a celebration in their typical style of Halloween.”

But even in the best of organizations, things can go wrong. “During the party, Michiel got stuck in the freezer and we weren’t able to make the tap work for quite a while,” Pieter (MGM) continues. “Luckily, the best thing about the student council is that, no matter what goes wrong, we always make it work – and we did.”

While bringing up these memories, the room fills with laughter. As an outsider, it does not take long to notice that, even in such a short time, these students from all programs have formed a good team. “Working so closely together forces you to get to know more about the person behind the student,” Nathalie (MIM) says. “We started off as partners and we are ending up as friends.” Her eyes tingle a little.

Under the motto “We will be back!”, the focus already shifts to next semester. Main topic of today’s meeting are the preparations for the All-Masters Seminar. On January 5 and 6, all programs leave for a two-day trip to Tongeren. The student council gets to fill in parts of the program. They have plenty of ideas, but don’t want to reveal too much just yet. “We’ll tell the students what we have in store for them when the time is right,” Nikki (SCM) and Leyla (MGM) point out. “But we promise it’ll be fun, challenging and entertaining at the same time.”

While the conversation is coming to an end, Zoé (CEBS) adds a final remark. “In a few weeks, I – just as all other CEBS-students, am leaving for China,” she says. “I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the student council members who couldn’t be present today due to exams and busy deadlines. Louise, Madis, Donald, Rico, Martine, Karlijn, Jonathan, Madeline, Joris, Ashley, Alice, Abbey and Ricardo – hope to see you once I get back and thank you for this great first Semester.”

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Louis Warlop
Open minded and eager to learn student of Master in Management (MIM). Writing about our experiences.