Startup Bootcamp


What is the biggest differentiator between becoming a successful entrepreneur and one that is not?

This is where Startup Bootcamp began. A course about how to create your own business by finding the right opportunity. We had a chance to learn more about ourselves, and this was the perfect way to get to know our classmates even better.

We started with defining our fertile ground; what is your passion? A simple question for some, but not all. From there our search quest to a great idea started.

Instead of looking to new products or services, we started by defining problems. What problems are encountered by people with our passions or just in general, and what can we do about it. Getting out of the comfort zone,we began to talk to our potential customers and receive real life feed back. A whole process and some pivots further, everyone found a great idea!

By the supervision of Sven de Vocht and his team, everyone was able to pitch their idea one month later. This class opened our eyes and stimulated our entrepreneurial spirit. We are excited to use what we have learned to start working on our master projects.

-Jeroen Maes-