My South-African adventure (part I)


Hi all!

Or let’s say Sanibonani!

Yes, that is the language (Zoeloe) I am currently learning to speak. Exactly 10 days ago, I arrived after 24 hours of travelling at the small airport of Pietmaritzburg,  Kwazulu-Natal, South-Africa. I am doing an internship here in a multinational company for 2,5 months as the final project of the Master of Global Management.

I must admit that I am a lucky girl to be here. The company I am working for is really treating me well: they were there to pick me up at the airport, they provided me with a car, they arranged my stay in a lovely B&B and most important of all: they are so friendly, so helpful, …  Before I go to work at 8.00 o’clock, I kickstart the day with a morning swim (haha, okay, I admit not every day ;)). Then I drive alone or with my colleagues on the left side of the road (!!) to work. Currently every day is different, sometimes I am at the plant, sometimes I am in the office, I talk with a lot of people from supply chain, finance, customer services, accounting, HR, … I can only say: challenging and fascinating! The VISA preparation issues and frustrations are already blown away.

Further, my first weekend was fully packed. On Saturday, I went with a colleague, Simeon, of the company (Bulgarian, here for three weeks of training) to Tala Game Reserve and was so close to a lot of different animals: girafs, rhinos, ostriches, koedoes, … and to Durban, which is one of the main harbors of Africa and has a nice beach with a lot of activities (and sharks). On Sunday, the ‘Drakensberg’ was on the program. Together with Rafaël (Spanish trainee) and Simeon, we drove for 2 hours through beautiful landscapes and did a hike in this piece of nature. The view was amazing, the feeling even more great. Internships can be cruel, you see!

For the next weekends the plan is to make some excursions to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Elephant Reserve, Kruger National Park, … and also to do some volunteering work in an orphanage close by.

But, first things first, tomorrow and Thursday will be 2 days full of balance sheets and making hundreds of changes on it, getting a lot of remarks and starting 40 times all over again. Tomorrow, I will also have my first company braai (this is a barbecue, but never call it a barbecue with a South-African in your neighbourhood, first thing I learned here!).

Hamba Kahle,