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10942329_10205321466572457_2657523788668460531_nAt the beginning of the academic year, each class got assigned to a social project. Our class had to collaborate with De Loodsen, an organisation that stands up for women and children who have no papers to legally stay in Belgium. De Loodsen tries to improve their quality of life by teaching them our language, giving them a place to live, taking care of the children, etc. Unfortunately not many people know the organisation and what it stands for. On top of that they need more money and material to chase their dream to improve the quality of life of the people in need. So… MIM came to the rescue!

Four classes in Creative thinking later, we finally got some ideas about how we could help De Loodsen. It was almost Valentine’s Day, so guess what…:

M ove your wallets
I   nvest in roses
M ake someone happy

With this slogan we wanted to spread some love at AMS and raise money for our social project.

“MIM goes love” and that was an understatement; AMS was on fire! This project was great to work on because, whether you agree or not, Valentine’s Day has something magical and romantic. The atmosphere in our class was buzzing and everyone was extremely dedicated to sell as many roses as possible. We all worked together, from start to finish. So the love was, sometimes literally (*wink*), everywhere.

For one week we sat in the foyer to let all the students order a couple of roses for only 2 euros. In the beginning they were a little reluctant, but gradually we got more orders. We understood them, it can be hard to admit that you actually like Valentine’s Day. Then it was up to us again: we had to buy the roses and prepare them for the big day of love.

I will never ever forget the day of the delivery. Our class came together early in the morning to prepare the roses for delivery: bind them together, attach the message on the flower, and divide it per class. Our “love angels” went to the different classes to deliver all the roses. You should have been there. So many happy and surprised faces! It’s incredible what a simple rose does to people. The roses were for lovers, partners, friends, teachers, colleagues, parents, etc. Some people also got a rose from secret admirers; did they already find out who the sender was? I’m curious!

So… on that day there was a lot of love at AMS. And we couldn’t be happier since everything went well, we made people at AMS happy, and also De Loodsen. In the end we sold 500 roses and made a profit of 630 euros!

Ooooh what love can do… Right?!


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