Shanghai calling – again and again!


Shanghai calling! Feels good to be back! This time I am going to experience this city with the CEBS program. Since three weeks I had the possibility to get used to this vibrant place again. Maybe to be considered as the “big Apple” of Asia – the city, which really never sleeps. Shops are all open on Sundays and if you feel the need to buy an Iphone immediately, you can go to the Apple store even after dinner – open until 11 pm.

Shanghai still a city of contrasts, where you see lamborghinis next to cycle rickshaws and traditional handmade dumplings next to starbucks.

Never underestimate China and its technological progress – last time we have seen a “mobile beggar” in the metro, carrying a printed out QR-code so that people can transfer him money – No excuse regarding not existing pocket changes!

In Shanghai there is always a lot to do and since our time schedule for now is quite overseeable, we all have the ability to experience the city intensively.

But what we have seen so far?

Yes, it is true… The nightlife in shanghai is amazing. There is always something big going on. Flashy lights, westerners dancing like crazy and Chinese playing their dice games – Weekend is considered to be every day and free drinks are common courtesy.

Furthermore we were blessed to go through the coldest winter in shanghai since 35 years. Snow in Shanghai? – Even the Chinese living here I talked too haven’t seen that before. As there is almost no central heating in the eastern parts of China you can imagine that this caused a lot of frozen rooms – including mine.

But regardless that, another procedure the entire CEBS team had to run through, is the so-called medical test. This is truly an adventure itself – First pay the cashier, then get undressed and cover yourself with an authentic Chinese bathrobe. Afterwards run from room to room were different doctors waiting for you, testing among others your blood, eyes and lungs. During the procedure laowais (the Chinese colloquial word for foreigners) are looking at each other baffled and confused. But don’t worry, in the end everybody got they certificate and everything was fine.

Here I could continue with amazing Karaoke nights, hotpot dinners and other stories. But I will sure need this for one of my next articles, until then I stay curios because Shanghai is calling – again and again!



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