Semester-end: Bye Bye Classroom


The second semester of the CEBS program has ended and for many of us it means that we turn our backs towards the school classrooms and march head-on to our professional careers.

It was a challenging semester with infinite wonders and opportunities. Some of us have taken the opportunity to travel and explore neighbouring countries and others have continued building on their professional career. Either way, the experiences obtained by venturing out in our new environments and crossing borders have cultivated into invaluable life experiences.

But that the semester has ended at ESSCA does not mean that we can sit back and enjoy the summer just yet. The third and final part of this master program is currently on-going where we take on the role of a junior consultant at international corporations, almost all based in China. These projects give the opportunity to apply academic knowledge into a real business case whilst obtaining corporate experience. We continue to build on the road to become China-Europe experts by diving deeper into the Chinese business operations.

These final months will yet again be challenging, insightful and undisputable valuable for our future careers.

The CEBS students congratulate all the master students for obtaining their Diploma and we will raise our glasses to your achievements. In August it will be our turn to return back to base to put the cherry on the cake – graduation, here we come!

– Xin