Oh Oh Shanghai


The majority of the CEBS-mates arrived in Shanghai and the first week of our new adventure was one of many impressions.

Starting off with a welcome day with a treasury hunt throughout the streets of Shanghai and tasteful welcome dinner, classes started soon after arrival. Although still settling down and absorbing the chaotic and crowded streets of Shanghai, much has already been experienced. The nightlife of Shanghai has been explored on a regular basis, taste buds have been challenged and wrestling through the crowds to get on the subway has become the daily sport.

Although Shanghai is one of the most developed cities of China, one cannot ignore the proportionate amount of beggers, homeless, and poor living standards along streets parallel to the well-maintained luxury shopping streets of Shanghai.

Some observations and experiences though have proven to be much more developed than in the west. One of which is the well-organized subway system. One thing that I have to say about Shanghai’s subway system is: it works, and it works really well. Yes, sometimes you are put in an extremely uncomfortable position where your personal space is aggressively invaded, but such scenario in the Europe would by far have already resulted in sore feet as everyone would step on them. Here in China however, this has yet to occur and my Timberlands still look fly. Secondly, the Chinese people are very affluent with technology. Not only can you order anything, and I mean anything, with your mobile phone and have it delivered in no time to your doorstep. But even taxi’s that from the outside look like second-hand cars previously driven in the rough streets of Italy of which the doors do not properly close anymore, facilitate mobile payment systems.

As the journey in Shanghai continues, jetlags have been beaten and a successful KTV session (Karaoke), the many more weeks to come are eagerly anticipated.

– Xin