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It is not the first time that I have been to Budapest, but now I found out that it is even more beautiful. Budapest is the main political-, commercial-, as well as transportation center and moreover the largest city of Hungary. It is also to be considered as an important relay station in Eastern Europe. Of course this city, with a long history, has a lot of sights, which are worth visiting. The old city is divided by River Danube into the two parts, which are called Buda and Pest city.

Buda is located on the right side of the river, where are some mountains. Buda Palace (Budavári palota) is in the hillside. On top of the hill, we can enjoy one of the most beautiful places —– Fishmen’s Bastion. Bastion seems very old and in fact it is a masterpiece of modern design from Frigyes Schulek, completed in the early 20th century. From here you can overview the beauty of Danube and Pest city. Situated on the left is Pest, the administrative center of commerce and culture: Most of the Capitol and government agencies are concentrated here. Another famous crowded spot is Vaci street, a fashion street which has 200 years of history.

The known Chain Bridge was the first to actually connect the two cities of Buda and Pest, for many years, and is still a symbol of Budapest. When the night falls, entire Budapest City lights up. While looking at the flowing river, hearing no noises, it is very easy to relax and get a clear feeling in heart.

Another important topic I want to mention is about our life at ESSCA. This semester, we have new courses and within those we meet some new friends from all over the world. This will definitely help us to know more about different cultures and languages. Even if we just started with classes from the 1st of February (latest in all three campuses), it didn’t mean we have learned less. Unfortunately we have some difficult courses and a lot of homework.
But in the end →

Time flies for all of us CEBS students – but our friendship will last forever!

– Xian

Written by Xian Xiang. Edited by Nadine Niknafs.

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