On 13th November, one of the most awaited events in Europe surfaced in Sportpaleis, Antwerp. To give a little information about this event known as “The Night of the Proms”, especially for International students who don’t know about it, Night of the Proms is a series of concerts held annually in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland and the United States. The concerts consist of pop music and classical music (often combined) and various well-known musicians and groups participate, making it a night worth witnessing.

                 Regi is a famous Belgian DJ 

This year, many students from AMS were able to attend this spectacular event, thanks to one of the students of AMS, Charlotte Vereecke. She invited students from all the masters and provided us with free tickets to this event. With so many AMS students, it was almost a full-blown AMS event. Consequently, it was also given the name “AMS goes to The Night of the Proms”.



With a string of top artists like Joe Jackson, Natalie Imbruglia, Scala, Gavin Degraw and Basement Jaxx performing their hit tracks, the packed Sportpaleis rejoiced. This is always an easy thing to do if you can bring a nice mix of pop and classical music to the audience. The orchestra, led by Alexandra Arrieche, mesmerized us with some of the most rejoicing symphonies.


It was a great evening with amazing music and spectacular performances. The ending act got us on our feet, making us sing, dance and enjoy every single beat. So to say, I had one of the best evenings in Antwerp so far and the best concert I have ever witnessed.