Lively living room


A large open area just inside the entrance of a public building such as a theatre or a hotel, where people can wait and meet each other, this is how the Cambridge Dictionary defines a foyer. Antwerp Management School has given this word a slightly broader meaning. We don’t only wait or meet there. Laughing, stressing out, lunching, studying, the possibilities are endless.

The Foyer basically constitutes the natural habitat of the full-time master students. I’ll just drag in another definition here. It’s an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by a particular species of animal, plant, or other type of organism. Check. It refers to the zone in which the organism lives and looks for shelter, protection and togetherness. Also check.

I let my inner David Attenborough on the loose and executed a thorough environmental analysis of this vibrant area and its inhabitants, the full-time master students.

Here follows a student guide to the use of our beloved Foyer and the unwritten division thereof.

The long dark tables near the entrance

Chances are high that you’ll find the HR students having lunch together here. They really come off as a close group that sticks together. People minded kids, what did you expect. Further, the MIM program loves to spend its breaks here.

The small white tables with a weird form

I’m still not sure about the form of these tables. Parallelograms? Pentagons? Or maybe hexagons after all? Anyway, they’re perfect for group works. This is where you’ll find people designing their slideshows or doing some last minute case reading before class starts.

The grey tables on the sides

MIE students tend to be more spread. They’ll be all creative and innovative at their working spots on the side. Nothing can interrupt their artsy thoughts. The same goes for MOF. Headphones, cup(s) of coffee and a handful of concentration. Those papers won’t write them themselves! Sometimes I wonder if they ever go home. They are always there. Weekdays, weekends. Mornings, evenings. Curious (in the sense of very hardworking) creatures these finance guys. And girls of course!

The sofas

Last but not least, the sofas, my favorite part of the foyer! This used to be the ultimate gathering place of the 3CGSM program. However, since they’re gone, more and more MGM’ers love to hang here. No lunch break goes by without a game of ‘heads up’.

This little island of leisure also functions as a shelter for students whose friends are all in a group meeting and thus too busy to accompany them. ‘You can’t sit with us’. We’ve all been there.

Oops. I overlooked the GSCM’ers. Where are they at? Maybe the sports club? Since they won both the soccer and the ping pong tournament. I’ll just assume that they ain’t too much of Foyer fans, except for group meetings. They rather stay at the Kattenstraat building than hike all the way down to the foyer. Maybe it’s their way of maximizing the precious breaks (did anyone say linear programming?) and avoiding queue(eueueueue?)s at the coffee machine. Okay, those were some very lame operations management jokes, scusi. Obviously time to stop writing. (And maybe to spend a little less time in the Foyer.)

Over and out!

– Octavia –